Simplicity Love is the founder of Divine Kids Yoga, a Registered Children's Yoga School® through the Yoga Alliance. Divine Kids Yoga is a platform Simplicity Love created for ALL kids including group classes or private classes for kids with special needs to discover and develop their innate Yogic skills through fun, focus, laughter, exploration, discussion and putting Yoga into action in their lives. Through her class structure developed from years of study as a certified yoga teacher and a Special Education and Early Childhood educator, Divine Kids Yoga is a gateway for children to experience their inherent virtue: their Divinity.

Simplicity Love’s playful and fun atmosphere helps kids focus in a relaxed way. Her studies and travel to holy places in India, the majestic mountains of Nepal and the wild jungles of Hawai’i infuse her classes as poses are mixed with connections to the natural world. Narratives are brought to life through yoga games, embodiment & discussion with integration of virtues/ways of being through awareness of breath and body. The work with her students is to transcend the “This is Hard” mentality, empowering each child with the skills to undergo any situation, rising to meet obstacles peacefully. Stretching limits and applying the work the mat is the ultimate goal of each class, creating a society of Conscious People one breath at a time.

                 Divine Kids Yoga led by Simplicity Love perform a first-ever, unprecedented Flash Yoga Mob                                                         ages 3 - 14 at the Children's Museum of Houston on May 5th, 2012.

                                              2016 Yoga Day at The Rose Garden, Houston TX.                                                                                     Divine Kids Demonstrate their Focus, Discipline, Balance, Breath                                                                                         with the use of Mantra, Mudra and Asana.                                                                        (2016 UPDATE: ALL kids still practice, and the youngest student, Lexy is studying                                                            to be a Divine Kids Yoga Teacher at age 12, with Simplicity Love.)

I am a mother who wanted her child to be immersed in a Yogic lifestyle where chanting, meditating, reflecting, loving one’s self and building a healthy body would be the standard from which their foundation would grow from.
— Simplicity Love